Utterly Moving words

Last project is here and it is something new. This time we were asked to create a video with sound which had to contain moving type.

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This project, even if it is not my best works is one of the projects I spent more time on as it was my first time with Adobe After Effects and while I was doing it I was discovering and learning how to use the program. To be honest I had fun doing it because you can do anything and it is kind of a game as you play with it to get something or somewhere. Continue reading “Utterly Moving words”


Collect, Analyse & Reassemble

Second project and after the first one we have done I do not think anything can be better.

First time I read the brief I did not understand it , to be hones I did not understand it unitl I read it like 15 times! Create a collection , analyze it and reassemble it? That was very strange .

Once I understood the idea a little bit I was confused again, what should I collect if all my personal things or at least most of them were back in Spain! So the dilemma was if I should start a new collection or be creative and find one to do my project about.

After a few brainstorms I was still on the same stage and position, nothing!  Now I was worried , normally my problem is that I have too many ideas but this time I did not have any and that was a big problem because we were already one week in and the project was due in two weeks.

The final outcome had to be a book thats the only thing I knew so I started to ask for help to my family and friends, spent ages on pinterest and visited some exhibitions to see if my creative part of the brain would wake up but still nothing…

One day , in class, Mathew did a talk that really helped me , he gave me a different point of view when talking about what is a collection and how to make one. After this lesson I had the idea of doing a collection about my Spider-Man projects , I was excited about it and thought it could work but none liked it and some people even made fun of my idea so I thought I should change it. As the collections and object I had were useless to create a collection I came up with the idea of creating a new collection from 0. I had 16 days left till the dead line so I named my collection 16 days , a collection of a daily illustration for 16 days.

My fail? no time to do the book and the analayze part as I had 16 days left and the project was about 16 days so when the crit week came I just had some illustrations on a very simple book. I liked but apparently I was ht only one who did and the teachers were a bit hush on me about this project.

Once I got everything explained on my sketchbook I really liked the project but to make sure I worked a bit more on it, while I was doing some further research I came up with some need ideas , the one I liked the most and thought I could do a project about it was doing a collection of fonts. Doing our last project I realised I am not very in to fonts even if I love them and I need it to learn more about them and learn new ones so I decided I could do a collection of a daily font and do some research on it . As I had a lot of time left I decided to call the project 30 days 30 fonts and during this 30 days I would choose a new font for me every day and then do some research on it and its author.

That is the final outcome:




100 briefs 1 day.

This week we had a small but important assignment to do. On Thursday Sara came in and handed us a brief paper with a 100 briefs on it, that was scary , even more when she told us we would have to do a hundred projects in one day, each project in one minute! Was she crazy!? To be honest that was fun and now I can see the purpose of it, it was all for stimulating our creative side of the brain and help us with quick thinking and brainstorming fast.

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Soundtrack Of Our Lifes 4.

Third and last but not less important was the poster about the relationship I have with my best friend. To represent this relation I chose the song “Hello, Dolly!”  from the famous singer and god of the trumpet Louis Armstrong.

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When I was little I started to listen to Luis Armstrong because of my dad, he would listen to him any time any moment in the day. Now I love his music and love Jazz in general and when I was younger I was the only one of my friends who would listen to Jazz. By then I wanted everyone to listen to Jazz and be ” cool” like me but none liked it except my best friend Adri. He did not really like Jazz but he liked one song, Hello, Dolly! so I would play it all the time , all day long if I was with him. I would say this song represents us or at least if I listen to it it reminds me of him and when we use to listen to it. Continue reading “Soundtrack Of Our Lifes 4.”

Soundtrack Of Our Lifes 3.

For my second poster and to represent myself I chose the song “Wrong Man ” from the artist and singer Matt Corby. This is a song I listen to now, after arriving to London the feeling of loneliness and nostalgia was very strong on me and I went through difficult times.

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Soundtrack Of Our Lifes 2.

While working on my posters I had so many trouble deciding which songs and which idea to use. We were supposed to come up with our three songs during the first day but I could not choose, I was so excited and wanted to do the perfect posters that it took me a whole week to decide and I still have something inside my head that asks me if I made the right decision. Continue reading “Soundtrack Of Our Lifes 2.”

The Soundtrack of our lives.

What!? A project about music? Sara did you read my mind!?

This week we were introduced to our first big project, our very first project were we would have to show what we have learned until the date and do our best. I felt like a graphic designer!

This brief was about choosing three songs that are important to us or represent a special moment in our lives and do a poster for each one. Easy right? well it was not easy at all. Continue reading “The Soundtrack of our lives.”

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