11NOV16/Russell Weekes.

An amazing talk which I take a lot from.

  • Do not leave your ideas as ideas , produce them, do.
  • Always send your work to the studios/companies you are interested in, physicall better than digital.

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14OCT16/Abram Games.

Our first HotHouse talk this year was not given by the designer/artist himself but by his daughter who presented him passionately .
Abram Games was a Jewish graphic designer born in 1919 in Whitechapel, London.Started up in his backyard, mostly utilising airbrush technics with posters which included images with messages. He has been mostly recognised by his posters during the second world war as his stylish airbrush pieces set a definition of war posters of the era.

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Hot house talk -Cecilie Barstad


After our Pecha Kucha presentation a hot house talk was given afterwards by Cecilie Barstad from the studio Gilles & Cecilie. The first thing she talked about was business planning and wanted to talk to us about the different things to think about when running a company of your own.

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Paul Jenkins.

Last Friday we had the opportunity of meeting Paul Jenkins , the founder of Triple Double Studio. Jenkins came in to give us a little bit of a mix between a talk about himself and his projects and some tips facing the future.

His studio works across graphic design, branding ,art direction ,campaigns ,retail,digital ,project curation and design education projects.

After this introduction , Paul, told us how he works and how does he develop each project.

  • Inmension, always become an expert on the subject the project has to be about.
  • Collaborate ,get in your head that there will always be someone better than you in other specifications so collaborate with them
  • Create, a project done will always be better than something perfect.
  • Edit , eliminate what is distracting , better to be simple and clear then crowded and confusing.
  • Get in to bed with your project , make the project be part of you and keep it always in mind, this is how the better idead come out.

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It’s Nice That!


This was our first of many hothouse talks. This talks will take place every third Friday of every month and mostly they will come from different companies or professionals in the industry of design.Our first talk was from Emily Gosling who is a member of the company “It’s Nice That”. Continue reading “It’s Nice That!”

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