20MAY17/ Movement- OUTCOME

After several tries I have finally managed to print my design on an A2 paper. Throughout the project I learnt a lot about grids and colour schemes, I never thought DeStijl would be such a huge part of the design world and to me, it kind of feels like it is more like a design movement than an art movement. Continue reading “20MAY17/ Movement- OUTCOME”


20MAY17/ Movement- final layout.

I managed to finish the layout for the booklet, it is a layout that works as a poster on both sides and as a booklet once folded. I have done a little bit more research about painters and designers from this movement to include in the publication and help the viewer understand the process. Continue reading “20MAY17/ Movement- final layout.”

20MAY17/ Movement- development

Well printing this booklets has definitely been an experience. It is hard to find a place where you can print A2 double sided and does not cost you a fortune. We got suggested to do it at uni and even tho they did not do double sided prints we could turn the page. Continue reading “20MAY17/ Movement- development”

18MAY17/ Movement- Layout 1.1.

In my opinion the layout was coming out quite nicely but I did not like the poster at all. The first poster made followed every key component from the movement but I did not like it at all. For the next days I tried to come up with a new poster for the booklet.  Continue reading “18MAY17/ Movement- Layout 1.1.”

18MAY17/ Movement- Screen-print workshop 1.1.

As mentioned on my previous blog post about this workshop, to prepare the screen for screenprint we had to cut out an A3 stencil on an A2 paper and do a stencil for each colour/layer .

Continue reading “18MAY17/ Movement- Screen-print workshop 1.1.”

18MAY17/ Movement- Layout.

So on the workshop day the only thing I knew for sure is that I wanted to use the grid systems and colour palette from this movement but not how. As you saw on the first mock ups my intention was to have geometrical coloured filled shapes linking the pages like patches. Well as soon as I started playing around with InDesign I changed my mind. Continue reading “18MAY17/ Movement- Layout.”

18MAY17/ Movement- InDesign workshop.

One of the last workshops for the project. On that day we had an InDesign workshop with Sara. The workshop was about preparing the layout for this A2 page folded  down to an A5 booklet. Sara helped us to get the right sizes for each page and made an induction on masters and grids. Continue reading “18MAY17/ Movement- InDesign workshop.”

16MAY17/ Movement- Motion graphics workshop.

This was our third workshop to the date, the project outcome was going to be a mix of  traditional graphic design and digital design. As part of project we have to hand in a motion graphics video done on the workshop day along with the booklet. Continue reading “16MAY17/ Movement- Motion graphics workshop.”

16MAY17/ Movement- Screen-print workshop.

I realised I have not explained what the project is about but better late than never. The final outcome for this project has to be an A2 double sided printed sheet folded into an A5 booklet. The booklet has to have a poster on the back (when unfolded) and a sum up of our workshops and movement on the other side.  Continue reading “16MAY17/ Movement- Screen-print workshop.”

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