Book binding with Kieron.

During the time we were given to do our ” Collect Analyse & Reassemble  ” and part of it we had a second workshop about bookbinding techniques with Kieron.  Continue reading “Book binding with Kieron.”


Photography workshop with Spencer part2.

After how exciting was the first week I couldn’t wait for this one to come, I knew we would spend all day in the darkroom doing some test pieces and experimenting and I loved that.

The process in the dark room was basically exposing to the light a chosen frame to a piece of special paper during X time. The more you exposed the frame to the light the darker will turn so it was all about playing with that. It all also depended on your taste and how you wanted the photos to look like.

Most of my final prints are very dark because I really like contrasted images and shadows in them. At the end of the day I also mixed different negatives on the same piece of paper and different exposure times, it was all about playing!

Workshop – Drawing

The second workshop of drawing took place this week.The workshop was divided in to two sections, first one called “If buildings could talk” and the second called “Circle Line reportage.” Both parts were for us to look closely to objects and people , try and see how they behave  etc.


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Project – Thinking It and Saying It

I feel like this is the first big project we have been asked to do. Until now we have been on a learning path with a weekly workshop and now is time to show what we have learned.

As mentioned on the post before this project is about making an A4 front and back cover pages with an A5 page inside. This pages have to be related to something e want to express or an idea that we got to either from The Design Museum or our own brainstorms.

Mainfront cover

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Critical Design Thinking


Sara began talking about all the different things we have to take in consideration when we are making design and illustrations. This workshop is for the understanding of how design works and how our mind works when talking about design.So, what do you want to do with your design? That is one of the points that Sara stressed on . What is your ethics when it comes to designing for certain customers or companies ? Continue reading “Critical Design Thinking”

Applications week


As a final step of our rotation workshops we had applications with Ricardo. On the first class we had the opportunity to learn the basics of photoshop as a few hotkeys and system preferences. After this induction to photoshop for some of us he asked us to produce our own business card within the concepts he had just thought us. While we were going the business card he was very helpful going one by one to see if we got everything right and understood.

Later on the afternoon session we were asked to create a collage of something we are interested in mixed with the fist symbol.At the beginning this was a bit of a challenge for me as it was my first collage ever and I did not have many ideas. I finally come out with the idea of music as the fist reminded me of Freddie Mercury.I wanted to express music asa way of freedom and the fist was a clear and strong enough symbol to do it. Continue reading “Applications week”

Screen printing workshop.


The second workshop we had was about screen printing which is a subject that I really enjoy and practiced on my art and architecture foundation year at Cambridge. At the beginning ,if I have to be hones, I was not really excited about it as I already knew the basic and even a little bit more but once I saw all the facilities and equipment that the university provides I completely changed my mind, I love to produce art pieces by doing them with my hands more than through a computer and this is what this was looking like. I was so excited!

Our first task to do for being ready to screen print was to choose a screen board and clean it.I had so many problems with mine that I had to change it. This process of cleaning was taking a long time because we were a lot of people cueing for this special sinks used to clean.This cleaning process was based on putting some special chemical product on the screen( always wearing gloves) in both sides and lie it up for about 8-10m to get the painting removed, after this wash it with water and soap and the last step was to place it inside a “screen drier” for about 20-30m (always remember to place it on the low draws so the water does not drop on top of others screens and make sure the draws are correctly closed).

12210982_10156162280915175_1646261137_oAs part of the screen print process we were asked to create an image with photoshop for Thursday so we would be able to screen print it.

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Photography workshop.


The first workshop we had on our trip to become graphic designers and illustrators was photography. We were divided in to three groups for this rotative core workshops to take place which are photography, applications and screen printing.

For this workshop we were asked to make a typology of photos and then present it on a five page A4 magazine.

I did not know what a typology was , it was the first time I heard this word so I looked up for it on the internet. From what I understood , a typology is a series of photos where the main object or subject is the same on all of them but the background changed . It can also be a group of images somehow with a connection or at least related.

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