20MAY17/ Kickstarter- OUTCOMES

I have to say I am very happy with our outcomes, the page looks great, the presentation is solid and the video engaging. I am quite impressed with myself and my team, how we managed to get everything together in such small time period. Continue reading “20MAY17/ Kickstarter- OUTCOMES”


20MAY17/ Kickstarter- Development.

As we had two weeks to come up with a whole new project the tasks have been divided. Each member has had a role assigned and had to have their tasks done by the following CIP lesson. Continue reading “20MAY17/ Kickstarter- Development.”

20MAY17/ Collection- OUTCOME.


The magazine is finished and has arrived. I am extremely happy with the outcome, the way it looks and how it is bound. I printed it though a page called Blurb which was suggested to us by our tutors and it looks very professional. Continue reading “20MAY17/ Collection- OUTCOME.”

20MAY17/ Collection- Development/ outcomes 2

On the magazine you can find some pages that do not follow the set layout. This pages are normally spreads that include work that is not mine and talk about inspiration. I have designed it like that so people realise it is not my work. Continue reading “20MAY17/ Collection- Development/ outcomes 2”

20MAY17/ Collection- Development/ outcomes 1

Everything was coming together naturally, I had found a style I wanted to keep along the whole book and it was turning out very interesting. When I changed the font for the titles on the book I also changed the size and orientation of them. Continue reading “20MAY17/ Collection- Development/ outcomes 1”

19MAY17/ Collection- Development/ outcomes

Without realising I was not using all the images I chose at the beginning for the project, I was redesigning everything so it fitted the style on the book. While I was working on the images I started thinking about printing the book and costs, how long would it take to get it delivered and which kind of paper would I like to use for it. Continue reading “19MAY17/ Collection- Development/ outcomes”

19MAY17/ Collection- Development 3

As my layout was incomplete I went back to it instead of polishing my images. I thought I could have a small introduction for my studio projects and the three pages of outcomes, one for each project. For the thoughts of the week I designed a page to put them all in as I did not want it to take much space because I want to have as much as my work as possible in the book. Continue reading “19MAY17/ Collection- Development 3”

19MAY17/ Collection- Development 2

Once the layout template was done I started placing content into my book, see what was needed to be retouched and what was needed to readjust. Some images did not have good resolution so I had to either retake the photo or export the photo in  higher quality settings. Continue reading “19MAY17/ Collection- Development 2”

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