01NOV16/Barbican visit/Bedwyr Williams.

From a peaceful beach through a video where he bakes himself ending in a huge hall where you can find a singing nike sneaker. Continue reading “01NOV16/Barbican visit/Bedwyr Williams.”


CCS third miniblock.

Last but not less important was this essay , the last one for this year and the one I enjoyed the most.

While the year was going by we were given more freedom when picking the subjects for our essays and this one had to be about subcultures , gender or postcolonialism which left to a huge range of options and themes. Continue reading “CCS third miniblock.”

CCS second miniblock.

For our second essay we had to write about an object from the 20th century. Because they gave us the option of doing it of whatever we wanted of I decided to do it about a Chinese toy which I found at the Victoria & Albert Museum of Childhood.

It was very hard to find information about it but I managed to enjoy and write a good essay about its precedence and function. As you can see I am fascinated by Asian cultures and every time I have the chance to write about them and learn a little bit more of them I will. Continue reading “CCS second miniblock.”

CCS V&A essay.

For our first essay for CCS we were asked to pick an object from the 19th century from a museum (pre the Victoria & Albert Museum situated in South Kensington).Instead of an object I chose a whole room , a style that¬†fascinates me which is the ¬† ” Japonism”. Continue reading “CCS V&A essay.”

CCS: Modernism architecture in Hampstead.

IMG_9344This week we did another visit with our CCS class. This time we went to Hampstead to see all kind of modernism buildings. After the theoretical class we had the weeks before it was easier to understand everything with this visit. Everything made sense, seeing all the small details that we were thought in class on each building helped me to learn more about it. Continue reading “CCS: Modernism architecture in Hampstead.”

CCS: V&A Museum visit and article.

The first visit we made was to the Victoria and Albert Museum. This visit was for helping to understand the task of the mini block one. We were asked to write an article of 1000-1500 words about a display on the V&A that we found interesting. At the beginning the “Crystal Palace” section caught my eye because it was one of the subjects that we most talked about in class.


On this visit I tried to see all the section we were given but I ended up writing about the Great Exhibition.Every single piece from it was amazing and beautiful , the mix of cultures and styles there took all of my attention and made me do a deeper research on it. Continue reading “CCS: V&A Museum visit and article.”

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