08JAN18/ WTL- Outcomes 4.

On top of the nine gifs we also had to hand in three posters related to them, one for each word.  Continue reading “08JAN18/ WTL- Outcomes 4.”


06JAN18/ WTL- Outcomes 3.

The last set of gifs is for the word PUT. As power was the main theme across all of the nine gifs, at the beginning, I wanted to do something that involved power putting something on/under/in to something as it is a very visual representation of strength, therefore power. Continue reading “06JAN18/ WTL- Outcomes 3.”

03DEC17/ WTL- Development 5.

So I decided each group of three gifs will be represented in a different way but the same style. Government would have lines as a main theme on them, major would have geometric shapes and put would have the glyphs from the chosen typefaces. Continue reading “03DEC17/ WTL- Development 5.”

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