20MAY17/ Movement- final layout.

I managed to finish the layout for the booklet, it is a layout that works as a poster on both sides and as a booklet once folded. I have done a little bit more research about painters and designers from this movement to include in the publication and help the viewer understand the process.

I have used Mondrian as an example to understand the impact of that movement on the world of design. Mondrian presents a unique use of grids, colour and composition that affected design straight away and that is what I try to explain on the booklet, the impact of DeStijl on design and my work.

As part of the introduction I also added some research on when was the movement created, why was created and by who. I also added my personal opinion on the movement and workshops.

Before printing I printed a small A4 mock up to see If everything was in the right place and made sense:

And here you can see the final layout (front and back).





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