20MAY17/ Kickstarter- Research

Our last brief for Creative Industry Practice has been kind of a short one or at least it was supposed to be. For this project we had to take our brand from Market Ready and adapt it to a Kickstarter campaign.

Neat had a small advantage compared to the other groups as we actually had to bring the brand to life for the market. For that reason we had all of our products actually produced and the costs of everything decided.

Anyways we faced the brief as if we were starting from zero so we did not miss anything. First stem was to research the platform to then be able to adapt our brand to it. As I had my computer with me in class I started taking down notes. I looked into on what do people normally invest and what are the stages to create a successful campaign, here you can see:

Asset 1.png



This are all my designs. The first one is a simple graph I created for my team so they could see where do people invest in Kickstarter and bare it in mind to see if we could apply our products to one of those subjects. The second graph is a quick sketch made from the stages a Kickstart campaign has to go through to be successful.

I kind of took the leader role during this stages and distributed tasks so we could get everything done as quick as possible. With Lisa we were in charge of the promotional video which is one of the key components for the campaign as is where you can engage with the viewer/ potential investor.


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