20MAY17/ Kickstarter- OUTCOMES

I have to say I am very happy with our outcomes, the page looks great, the presentation is solid and the video engaging. I am quite impressed with myself and my team, how we managed to get everything together in such small time period.

What took the longest was the video and it is probably one of our nicest outcomes, not saying that because I was part of the process for it but I do believe it makes the viewer engage with the product, the brand and us as designers. The Kickstarter page is now in preview mode and you can see it here. It is a complete detailed page that along with its vector drawings and friendly appearance invites the user to engage with it and go through it.

The presentation on the day went well and I think Neat! made it again, the effort was reflected and people could see we worked hard for it.

Neat! has been a great experience this year, I have learnt a lot and become more confident about my designs thanks to it.

the team in general has worked hard and faced both briefs very well, with energy and enthusiasm. We made it.


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