20MAY17/ Kickstarter- Development.

As we had two weeks to come up with a whole new project the tasks have been divided. Each member has had a role assigned and had to have their tasks done by the following CIP lesson.

The first Monday after getting the brief Marius, Lisa, Tati and myself met up to decide out storyboard and start shooting the video and set up the Kickstarter page. during the weekend some of us prepared a storyboard to then discuss wi the team, here you can see mine:

I did this one on the train so then I passed it on to Illustrator so it was more clear.


On the day we decided our storyboard and shoot a stop motion animation of the NEATbook. While Lisa and Tati where finishing the stop motion I started working on the After Effects file where we decided we would have some videos of the process with a pencil effect so I had to figure out how to do that. I managed to do it and then when editing on top of the NEATbook Lisa readjusted the saturation of it so it matched the papers.

screen-shot-2017-05-18-at-1-53-04-pm.pngThe next day while Tati was working on the presentation and Kyrle on the vector drawings for the page, I sat down with Lisa and started creating content for the video. I was in charge of designing the legs and arms that we decided the NEATbook would have and Lisa was working on the times on the video etc…


The last days Lisa, Tati and myself filmed the introduction and conclusion of the video and added the voiceover to it.I summed up a 2 weeks development in 250 words but it has not been that simple. I would hilight the organisation that we had and how we faced the brief. We have been able to put everything together and the outcomes are great. We have been aware of the strengths fields of each memberĀ in different and taken advantage of it.

We were ready for the presentation.


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