Oliver Villalonga-Roman/ virodesign13

Hello! My name is Oliver Villalonga-Roman a Graphic Design student at London Metropolitan University. During the next years I will weekly try to reflect all my thoughts , interests and lesson through this blog.

I am a Menorcan guy who fell in love with the city of  London and decided to learn english for continuing his studies here. Three years a go I began my trip in Brighton where I learned the basics of english, the next year I got in to a college in Cambridge named St’Andrews in which I studied my Art and Architecture Foundation course. Now I study my second year at London metropolitan university as I mentioned before and I am living my dream.

In the future I would love to work in the industry of visual identities as it is what I enjoy the most doing .

I am a huge fan of jazz music and old typography. A part from the industry of design I would say I am really in to tattoos and its universal history as since I am little it caught my attention.

To sum up I would say I am an art and design lover (and its surroundings) who will try to represent this on this blog throughout this next years.

I hope you get the feelings I try to transmit meanwhile you read my blog posts.

Stay creative!


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